I'm a proud New Yorker born and raised in the East Village.

After attending LaGuardia HS, I traded NYC bagels for Primanti Bros in Pittsburgh, PA and graduated from Carnegie Mellon University School of Drama with a BFA in Acting/Music Theatre and Minor Environmental Studies.​ Currently back in NYC and a bagel loyalist for life.

Heritage is a huge part of my identity: French on my father's side, Ghanian on my mother's side. Grandpa Beaumier played the saxophone and did improv in the Loire region, Grandma Amedume sang in one of Accra, Ghana's renowned choirs. Somehow, these passions skipped a generation and landed on me.

In environmental research I've worked with fluorescent proteins in corals and conducted field work in Sulawesi, Indonesia. The latter morphed into an original theatrical piece performed at Playground Festival. To read more about my coral research and eco-drama work click here

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